zoe lately // part 2

maybe you've experienced this silent panic that seems to jump into your thoughts out of nowhere:

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing now. 

or later. 

 - what should I be getting ready for?

- who should I be talking to?

- where should I be going?

I know what I want to be doing.

Or I think I do. 

for me, I know I want to travel and explore this world, get to meet those who live in it, and capture photos that share this life with people. 

but now it comes back to why.

I feel like I used to be such an advocate for doing things with a purpose, and now I’m struggling to find mine in anything.

So just writing this and acknowledging that has reminded me of what I already know: 


Love is always the purpose. 


Others is always the focus.


"But what about me.” - my heart

“But what are you actually capable of.” - my brain


I want to share life. 

I want to share love. 


Well Zoe, you know where the truest love and life come from.

You know. You know. 

they’re from the Maker.


- what should I be getting ready for?

I’m already ready to live and love because He’s made me ready. He’s already equipped me with true life and love. 

- who should I be talking to?

Him. the Maker. 

first. first. first. 

Talk with the One who holds the plans. It’s the surest way to be more in tune and make you less susceptible to the worldly worries of what’s next.  

- where should I be going?

it doesn’t matter where. we must just go. take a listen to where your heart is being drawn and that's usually a good place to start.

be going. don’t wonder where you could be going when you could already just be there. 

I know what I want to be doing. 

and He does too. He created me with all my passions, after all. 

One of the truest things that I hold to is that God gives us the desires of our hearts that are rooted in him. 

I find myself again and always, clinging to the words in Proverbs 16:3 - “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” 


commit. He will establish. all you must then do, is go. 

that's zoe lately.