back to November //

It's now December... and I've realized I have zero blogs from the entire month of November... so did that month actually happen??


Which is exactly why I have NO blogs up about anything I did - I've literally been running, driving, and flying, from one thing to the next, and haven't had time to sort my thoughts or images on here! From SoCal to Texas, back west and up to NorCal - it's been a whirlwind of lovely and crazy.

So here's a collection of highlights from the past month as a quick update on everything Zoe! I'm striving to be more prompt in the future with my blogs - totally top of the list for New Years Resolutions!

But first.... this was November. And it was one unlike any other I've lived before:

// I had the huge blessing of starting the month with a quick visit from one of my greatest friends from back in MN - Paige! ^^ I drove down to San Diego and picked her up at the airport, then showed her around the city and took her to the ocean - HER FIRST TIME EVER! We spent a good amount of our time looking at all the creatures in the tide pools, and even made friends with an older couple who were there doing the same. //

// The following day - still in San Diego - was spent adventuring around Encinitas with two newly found friends, Ben and Mikey! @bendulay777 @mikeydiggs

such a fun afternoon & I loved being in front of the camera for the guys, because I haven't been shot by fellow photographers in quite a while! Any of the images of myself were taken on my camera by Ben & treated by me. TEAM! [Ben also has his own clothing company he co-owns with his brother Levi - @777_collective - so check that out!] //

// a huge portion of my month was also spent pouring into my internship by planning and executing 4 separate photoshoots for the 2016 Krochet Kids children's catalogue, as well as tagging along to a curated shoot in LA, and doing other KK INTL related events and projects with the company! *all of my work from the internship will be up on a section of my website soon* here's two quick peeks of the catalogue work I've been doing here:

// ALSO on the list of things that happened this month - I flew over to Austin Texas because my brother Zak was getting MARRIED! Such a fun time to see my family and welcome a new member at the same time. Love you Emily!  //

// when I returned from Texas, I had another week of normal intern work, then jumped into my car and drove up to Sacramento, CA to be the event photographer for the @glamcampforgirls ADORED conference, and gather footage for a promo video. That weekend was so much more than I ever thought it would be, filled with new inspiring lady friends, as well as professional, and spiritual growth. So grateful to Melinda Watts for hiring me! Such a wonder woman! @melindawatts

// Right when I came back from shooting the event in Nor Cal, I was full speed ahead, assigned to capture images to be in the KK INTL Fall/Holiday 2016 Catalogue *like I said before - more of those images will be up in a separate portfolio part of my site soon!* but peek if you must: 

// You still there?? OKAY! The final highlight of my November craziness was Thanksgiving break! Which was spent mostly by myself - starting with a mini road trip up Pacific Coast Highway, the actual thanksgiving day at a friend's house in Nor Cal, then exploring San Fransisco on my own for two days after that. My next blog will go more in depth about that experience, so enjoy this closing image from PCH, with the promise of my next blog being more focused and thoughtful //