Zoey Jean

creative director / photographer / stylist / content creator

 Located in Minneapolis, MN and available for travel.

Zoey Jean is able to provide a wide range of photo services for both personal and professional purposes, specializing in photography that is captured in a genuine, lifestyle-minded mood. She is currently employed at Substance Church in Minneapolis as a part of their creative department, specializing in social media, marketing, and content creation.

"I started out as a lifestyle photographer because there are so many beautiful, seemingly ordinary stories to be shared with others through photos, and now it's grown into a career where I can continue sharing the stories of businesses and people. Life is full of wonderful moments, and not everyone is tuned in to realize them. I feel it's important that they're noticed and shared, to encourage others. The majority of these daily thoughts and captures can be found on my instagram @zoeyjean"

- Zoey Jean