To be with Him is to be home

We can only run so far 

So fast 

So hard

Before we find ourselves

Stumbling down

To our knees


We can only run

So far

So fast

So hard

Before a part of us

Quietly begs 

To go back home. 


You will find yourself tired



and empty. 


You will find yourself walking

then wandering

then jogging

And finally sprinting in circles 

Thinking you can run your way out of them


Run your way out of 'lost'

Run your way out of 'tired'

Run your way out of 'broken'

Run your way out of 'lonely'


But human.

You and I 

Are not built 

To run like this



You and I 

Are not built to last

Too long on our own



We are meant to have a home.


If you know anyone best,

It is surely yourself. 

So you will know the moment

When together your mind and body will heave,

"We are done.

We are tired.

We are lost."


You will hear yourself say  

"I remember this place 

Where I could rest not just my head

But my whole body

My soul

My being 

And it was called Home."



I am not talking about your home


I am not talking about your home



No, I'm speaking 

Of another Being 

Who is our home

Who created our beings

And left a bit of himself

Inside us

So we will always know

The way back home