The Aisle


I’ve been wondering 

As girls do

And I suppose boys too


But I’ve been wondering 


and who

and how is

you know…

the one that is my ‘to have and to hold’


I used to write a note to him

Whenever I thought of him 

This stranger

or unknowingly already a friend?

But now

I just talk to God about him


I praise God for whoever he is

How he loves God 

and how God loves him


I like to ask God:

Let him know I love him today

Let him know You love him too

Tell him You are for him

Tell him I am for him too

Would You give him a little note

telling him we’re thinking about him?


Because I feel like I am playing hide and seek

And me my Father are on a team

On our way to find this man

While he is on his way to find me


It is not a hurried game

And I am not hiding

It is not a hunt

We are joyful, and laughing

Me and my Father

Taking our time 

Even forgetting about the game

Getting lost in each other instead


And God gave me the sweetest image

Of himself, walking with me

Walking me to whoever this other man may be

Slowly. Tenderly.

As a father walks his daughter down the wedding aisle

Ceremonially slow.

At a speed you would never walk in life normally.

A sacred speed.

Savoring the steps.

Holding on to me. 


I feel like I’m walking down the aisle.

But this aisle is not short 

And this aisle is not straight

Yet I am grateful for its intricacies 

its purpose

its beauty


I have my Father

And He is walking with me

We are together

And I know when we reach the end of the aisle

My Father will not leave me

I do not know who is at the end of the aisle

But I know He will be 


It is the sweetest thing

knowing He’s in it for the long haul

He has always been in it for the long haul

He will always be my first love

How gracious that He would let another man step in to love me too

Yet I know my Father will always love me more

That I know

And that I’ll hold


How special The Aisle is

That the groom does not get to share it with me first

My Father does

Then once I reach the groom

We get to go back up the aisle

A place my Father has already been with me


So darling daughter of the Father

My sister 

You have an aisle to walk too

And your Father is right here

Walking it with you