California bound //

If you're not into details, I'll spare you the suspense:

On September 1st - in less than 2 weeks - I'll be driving out to Costa Mesa, California and living there for 4 months while I'm doing a photo internship at a nonprofit company called Krochet Kids International. [ // @krochetkids // their hat that I'm wearing - the Brady - can be found here ]

This idea that I had my sights set on only seemed like a dreamy possibility until I got the call telling me it was a yes.

My soul adores the midwest, but if you know any basic bit of me, it's that you will not find me in the same spot for long. I haven't even been living in Rochester for a year, SO WHY NOT CALI NEXT?! Not only because of the beach life, different people, and adventures waiting to be had there, but the inspiring mission of Krochet Kids that I get to be a part of through my passion of photography. 

FOR YOU DETAIL LOVERS: At the end of my senior year of high school (May 2014) my parents were all too encouraging about getting me to make a move towards college plans - bless their souls, better they care than not - but I just didn't feel like college was going to be the next step for this chick. I had heard about the KKI internships before my senior year started, but the thought hadn't come up again till I was grasping to put together somewhat of a 'next step' for life. After I graduated, I had thought of applying for the internship for last fall, but a few people in my life encouraged me to wait. So as you might know, this past year has been a mixture of working 2 jobs, traveling, and doing freelance photography for cool humans. However, in the back of my mind throughout this whole year, has been the idea and hope of being the photo intern at Krochet Kids come fall.

The beginning of this summer is when I really knew it was go-time and started preparing everything to apply for this. Even when I was in Norway, your girl Zoe was preparing pieces of the application cause I just SO wanted to do this! It was basically the only plan I had going for the fall. I'm barely good at plan A's so you bet your bottom dollar I didn't have a plan B if this didn't work. I just definitely felt like this past year of life, God has been preparing my heart, skills, and passions for an opportunity exactly like this. And He is so faithful in providing this new adventure for me. Oh yes the adventure it's going to be. 

By now, I've re-read what I've already written a few times, and I've come to the conclusion that I sound a bit crazy - like passionate crazy? Still my usual crazy, though. 

Cause, why this company? Why are they so different? Why do I want to be a part of the Krochet Kids mission? 

Empowerment and Love. That's the lifestyle that Krochet Kids is all about. All of their amazing and tasteful products - not just beanies & scarves, but duffles, backpacks, bowties, and their expanding clothing line - is all produced by women in Uganda and Peru, providing these individuals with income and mentorship, empowering them to thrive as individuals, flowing over into support for their families, and ultimately contributing to the growth of their community as a whole. 

But KKI doesn't stop there - their Know Who Made It campaign allows you to know the EXACT person who handmade your product, because each item is signed by the woman that made it - and you can go onto the KKI website to search and find each woman's summary. HOW RAD.

This is just my next big adventure I'm taking in life, and I want to keep each one of you right alongside me for it! *hundreds of miles away via the blessing of technology  ;) 

The support that I constantly have around me throughout each step in life is something I'm truly always grateful for. From each brilliant individual that found me through instagram, (some now close friends!) to other midwest creatives I've become acquainted with during this past year, friends and family, other adults and mentors that are always peeking into my life and cheering me on with each crazy plan - I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH! And I will definitely miss those of you that I get to see so often. No matter where I am - Norway, Minnesota, Wisconsin, East Coast, West Coast - I have always found myself missing the ones who aren't there with me. That's something that keeps me running around the globe - the immense love that my Creator has shown me, and the need to share that sort of love with anyone and everyone in life.

I'm very stoked for this photo internship opportunity and can't wait to share my new adventures with each of you. Keep loving, keep exploring. Do not only what makes you happy, but do what makes a difference. //