Transformational Resources

Hi friends! I have the habit of sharing devos, sermons, and podcast on the fly via my Instagram, but I want to start gathering all of those resources into more of a solidified place that lasts longer than my 24 hour IG Story - so I'll be sharing them in more focused chunks here, posting them as blogs for y'all to refer to! 

I listen to a few sermons a week so you can imagine that has me continually on the hunt for different speakers and messages. RECENTLY I stumbled on Transformation Church down in Tulsa, and WOAH WOAH WOAH. The way God uses Pastor Mike to convey truth and love to His people is WILDLY REFRESHING. If you are in Tulsa - go go go! But if you're like me - stream stream stream on Youtube! 

The first sermon I heard from Pastor Mike was from their series "Relationship Goals". That's what got me hooked on all their other messages. I flew through those first 5 "Relationship Goals" sermons in about 2 days! It HAD ME. But I loved how this series is NOT just for single people, it is for EVERYONE. Even married people! It is so amazing how insightful each message is - you cannot listen to these sermons without having it tug at one, if not multiple parts of your life. And honestly - who couldn't use a little (LOT) more insight into the world of relationships?! WE KNOW YOU WANNA KNOW. I WANNA KNOW. THAT'S WHY I CLICKED THE DANG THING. 

Here's the first message in the series, they should auto play after that! (tbh, sermon series on YouTube are like the new Netflix shows, they just play all in a row, one after the other, except no annoying 'are you still watching?' notifications come up, ya know?) 

The NEXT series I went through with Transformation Church is their "Damaged Goods" series. WHEW. Tough, but beautiful and eye-opening! It focuses on this AMAZING story from the bible that I had never even heard of! Week after week Pastor Mike comes back to this one story of a paralyzed descendant of King Saul, someone who was damaged - and correlates it so precisely to the truth of our brokenness, and how God is right there with love and purpose, bringing us through it. WATCH: 

The series I'm CURRENTLY going through right now is the "U R LOVED" series, and I don't have much to say except WATCH. Be transformed. GET this TRUE perspective that Mike presents about God's love for you. 

Make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them on Instagram! And let me know what other churches and sermons God has been using to transform YOU!