the 1 2 wonderings //

I've recently been getting a lot of Instagram DM's and emails from followers and friends, filled with questions about photography, travel, and my life in general! I think it's so rad that you all are so interested in my experiences and what I have to say! So I decided to compose the various wonderings into a blog post consisting of 12 questions that summarized the lot of them! Enjoy!

image by Ivy Christina Photography

image by Ivy Christina Photography

1) How did you get started in photography?

In 2012, my oldest brother got married and one of my cousins let me run around the wedding with her Canon T3i. It was so fun. Then a few weeks later I learned I was going to be going off to boarding school and to be completely honesty, I saw that a lot of students there seemed to have nice cameras. So I bought one. SUPER shallow, right?

    But the entire summer before I went off to school, I used that new camera and shot photos like crazy - especially during July when me and my parents took a month long road trip to, up, and around the east coast. I was so annoying and shot photos of everything. And I edited them horribly on

    Once I went off to boarding school, I became a ‘teacher’s assistant’ for the marketing director, and he was the first one to tell me I had an eye for photography. I took a photography class for a semester of my junior year in high school and learned more about the technical basics of photography and how to use Photoshop - actually I REALLY learned how much I preferred Lightroom, and that’s what I began using whenever editing photos for marketing, and personal projects. 

    So my junior and senior years away at boarding school (Hillcrest Lutheran Academy if you care) were the years I really dug down into photography. I literally shot everything. Always. I was the girl with the school camera at every sporting event and banquet - I even went around during classes and took candid promotional photos of kids in class, taking tests, ect. I shot senior photos and other portrait sessions on my own time after school got out at 3. Photography started for me there, though I didn't get serious about pursuing my photography as a business until after I graduated in 2014. 

 2) What is your advice for people who want to get into photography?

My advice is just to start. You gotta start doing it. Your eye gets trained for photography the more you do it. Be obnoxious and shoot everything - that’s also a quick way to find out what you are or aren't passionate about shooting. 

    Know how to use your camera and shoot manual. Learn the basics, learn some general photography rules, and then you know where to stretch from. 

    Know WHY you want to be taking photos. Doing anything without passion never lasts long, this goes for photography and life in general.

    DO NOT get too caught up in other photographer’s styles. Admire, learn, but you do you. Don’t try to copy people. Find out who you are, and stick with that. 

    Going with that, it IS important to collaborate and surround yourself with other photographers and creatives. We spur each other on, and can learn from each other. Most of my best friends are photographers and other artists. We’re each other’s people!

Be nice, and be open, but never put yourself in a position of mixing friendship and business where you feel cheated. Be chill, but be smart.

Bergen City, Norway

Bergen City, Norway

3) What are your favorite places you’ve traveled to?

  • Norway in the summertime. Bergen, Norway. I think that’s my favorite place in the world.
  • New York City. Brooklyn specifically. Williamsburg even more specifically. I would live there.  
  • Southern California. Specifically San Diego. San Diego is better than LA - there I said it.

4) Where do you still want to travel to?

  • England. ASAP. I’ve been to Heathrow on layovers twice and it kills me that I wasn’t actually able to spend time in London. But I need to explore all of England in general.
  • Greece. For some reason I’ve wanted to travel there since I was a little girl. 
  • Australia. No explanation needed. 
  • Hawaii. I’m growing into more of an active outdoorsy girl, and I’m in love with the beauty found in nature. So I would just wanna explore the CRAP out of Hawaii. 
  • Europe in general. South America. And Nashville. 
image by Hailey Marie Photograpy

image by Hailey Marie Photograpy

5) What do you shoot your photos with?

90% of my instagram IS shot on my iPhone 5s I promise! I only take my actual camera (Canon 6D) out on paid or intentional photo shoots.

6) What editing software do you use for photos?

For photos that I take on my phone (iPhone 5s) I use VSCOcam. On my computer, I use Adobe Lightroom.

7) Have you always been interested in photography?

Nope. Before I was 16, I used to think I was going to be a famous performer. Singer, dancer, actress. All of it. I can sing, I know that, and I was really good at dance the 8 years I was in it. My life used to be consumed with singing and dancing - a never ending performance (bless my parents’ souls). Then life changes, and you decide what are just hobbies and what are actually passions you can pursue in order to create a realistic AND enjoyable future. I still love singing and dancing. But not to pay the bills. Just to make me and others feel something every once in a while.

image by Ivy Christina Photography

image by Ivy Christina Photography

8) Are you in college? 

No. If I was, I would be a sophomore. I have zero regrets about not going to college right after high school. I’m pursuing my photography business, learning things on my own time that I want to be learning, and taking advantage of alternate learning experiences, like the internship I took with Krochet Kids. I’ve recently become really interested in marketing. I research that in my free time.

9) What did you learn most from your recent internship?

I learned how tough I am. 

I learned how much there is to know, and how much I didn’t know.

I learned how much I was capable of. 

I learned the more technical and business side of photography, along with working on a creative team as a part of a company - adapting to a brand image.

I learned not to be held down by my young age - maturity, skill, and passion is what matters most. 

10) What is your advice for people interested in the Krochet Kids internship?

    If you don’t have the passion for the company, what they’re doing, or what you’ll be doing for them - you might as well not do it. I don’t wanna sugar coat it. It's not just another internship to check off. You're a vital part of the company and you won't get by as a fly on the wall. It’s hard work. The experience overall changed me emotionally, physically, and professionally.

    But if you do have the heart to keep you there, it’ll be one of the most amazing experiences of your life that could never be replicated. Every employee at that company is brilliant, hardworking, dreamers AND doers. The people there are what make it. And southern California is the bomb to live in. Whatever you invest into the internship will be invested right back into your growth. 

11) What's the boyfriend situation?

That’s a short story. Single since ’96. Had a couple ‘almosts’ for sure. 

But I’m 19 and have things to do. 

I already know that I have so much love to give and the guy that God’s got set up for me doesn’t even know what he’s in for. I’ve had my heart tossed around before, and I’ve vowed it’s gonna stay carefully mine until a stand up guy is in intentional pursuit of my awesome. 

12) What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I can’t actually share that on the internet haha - but ask me in person and I'll let the stories fly.