Day & Night in Eau Claire //

I've said it before, that to me, home is a heartbeat.

I'm not necessarily drawn to call one place or another 'home' but as long as I'm with people that I absolutely love, that's home to me. But of all the cities I've lived in, there's one that I feel appropriate in crowning my hometown. And that's Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I go back and visit often, for the friends I'm connected to there, but just its familiar yet growing atmosphere has something about it that makes me feel like it's somewhere I want to be. 

This past weekend I went back with intentions of being a second shooter at a wedding, but I drove up the day before and spent it with one of my absolutely best friends Hannah. 

Now I'm sure there will be many many future blog posts that are about her and every wonderful bit of our friendship, but for now I just wanted to share these images of our latest adventures - all which happened in one day - from about 4pm to midnight. 

A stop at a favorite local coffee shop [Racy's] - shooting around a parking garage - Thai dinner - chasing lighting, and running around the town after sunset - picking up Sean along the way too. 

*photos of me are shot by Hannah, edited by me - photos of Hannah & I are shot by Sean & edited by me. all other photos are shot/edited by me*

Here's a Friday in Eau Claire ~